Classic Retro XBOX 160Gb Console with Over 4000+ Classic Games Arcade COINOPS 6 & Xbmc in Cardiff, Cardiff for sale

Classic Retro XBOX 160Gb Console with Over 4000+
Classic Retro XBOX 160Gb Console with Over 4000+
Classic Retro XBOX 160Gb Console with Over 4000+
Classic Retro XBOX 160Gb Console with Over 4000+

Over 4000 Plus games installed on 160gb hard drive
How can i buy?
The price includes fully insured tracked delivery via courier as im in Glasgow Scotland collection is not possible unless you are in the area.
Payment is secure for both parties via paypal.I have been trading on Greatbritainlisted for a number of years i have over 3000 100% positive feedback ive also been trading on Greatbritainlisted for 6 years so you can buy with complete confidence.
Please contact me to make payment via paypal.I can list on Greatbritainlisted if you are more comfortable buying from there.
Whats installed on the console?
Coin Ops 6 is the latest install and includes - Amiga - Playstation - Snes - Megadrive - Arcade - N64 - Xbox - Pc Engine - Atari St - Spectrum - Neo Geo - Commorodore 64 - Master System & Much more
Over 4000 retro games to play years of fun to be had here
I have took some photos you can see for examples of games.
Some of the best games ever made are on this below are some of my personal favs.
Super Mario Kart - Goldeneye - Double Dragon - Megaman - Castlevania - Sonic - Alex Kidd - Halo - Moonwalker - Super Mario Bros - Golden axe - Sonic the hedgehog collection - Barbarian - Zelda - Ghouls N Ghosts - Conkers bad fur day - Gunstar Heros - California Games - Donkey kong country 1-3 - Aliens - Dragon Ninja - Darius 2 - The simpsons Arcade - Toki - Batman The Movie - Lethal Enforcers - Mega Turrican - Castle Of Illusion - Bomb Jack - Goonies - Harvest Moon - Lemmings - Secret of Mana 1&2 - Super Probotector - Spiderman - and over 4000 more i think you get the idea!
There are hundreds on 1-on-1 fighters, platform games, shoot-em-ups, puzzle games, scrolling fighters and sports games. Every single arcade game you could ever possible imagine.. and then a thousand or so more!! Taito, Konami, Capcom, Namco, Sega, Nintendo, Data East.. they are all here!
There are customisable settings galore, from screen size and scanline settings, to the menu graphics, gameplay videos and music.
I have included the video from coin ops official you tube to show you whats there.
Why buy this system?
It is a very stable system for playing these games every title works as it should and is properly configured to the pad no crashing or messing around trying to set stuff up simply plug and play just the way it should be.
Also includes the latest install of xbmc
Should you ever want to install your own games there is 60gb of free space you could potentially store near 7000 games on this if you really wanted to.
Please check videos on you tube to find out what coin ops 6 is capable of ive have included some pics to give a good idea.
What do i get for the price?
xbox console with 160gb hard drive installed,power lead,av cable and 1 control pad so you can start gaming straight away.The price of £70 includes delivery via tracked courier typically taking 3-5 working days.